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Friday, June 24, 2011


The human mind is an incredible liar for it's only attempt is to deceive you and keep you caught up in it's lies.  Your human mind wants you to continue to believe that you are separate from the whole.  Your God mind has no intention to deceive.  God mind is impersonal.  It does not differentiate good from bad.  It creates through you because it is you.  Your are not separate from it but one with it.  But your human mind will tell you that is sacreligious to think that way and give you any number of reasons as to why you can be WITH IT BUT NOT IT.

In reading the Love and Law Book by Ernest Holmes, he helps the reader understand that this creative force that flows through us is just that...creative.  God mind only gives you what you think.  If you are in victimhood, then you are in a habit within your own human mind.  Victimhood makes you think you can't acquire, accomplish, grow or have a love that survives any other.  Through past experience your human mind quickly draws on those memories of pain it has compartmentalized in the little file folders of your brain.  Because it draws on those memories, your human mind lies to you and promises something that you really don't believe will happen.  Because of that deeper subconscious belief, it negates anything positive you might have thought before it.  This is why we become trapped in this feeling of victimhood and then that thought becomes habit.  And we all know how hard it is to break a habit!  But wait...that was a thought too and if you believe a habit is hard to break, then it is.

Then there are those times where your human mind tries to get you to separate from who you really are by deceiving you with its negative memory thoughts.  For example, if you want financial abundance in your life, you might think it a form of blasphemy to ask God for that.  But God is that.  God is in all things.  It is not separate from the animals, other human beings, or even that paper that money is printed on.    It gives you all things you think about and it denies you nothing.  So, if you want financial abundance, since God is one with everything, then God is the very thing you are requesting.  Turn it over and watch the miracles that flow from it.

These are just a few things to think about.  Let me know how you feel.  Send me an email and I will answer your question if you have one.  All my love and light I send out to you.  I send out love in whatever form you choose it to be. For I know what it is and I trust it and only it....God mind.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Relief from Responsibility

I just love the book, Love and Law by Ernest Holmes.  This blog will contain several quotes from his book in order to assist you in understanding just how you exist through thought.

When thinking you must remember you are not dealing with matter.  You are dealing with thought.  As Holmes states, "I am not dealing with or struggling to overcome a condition.  Everything  that appears in anybody's body is thought.  There is not anything else to appear into form.  I know if the thought is destroyed, the image of thought will leave the body.  Here is this person and Mind and it has operated upon that person as a false belief.  The person accepted it as true and may have been ignorant of it, but somewhere there is a picture in Mind or that itself would not be there.  I am seeking to know the truth right where I am disregarding where they may be and as I succeed and the receive it it will be done, and so I know I am not dealing with matter or a false growth at all; I am simply handing a false concept.  And where am I handling it?  I am handling it within myself and when it is gone from my mind absolutely, remember this, as I know and that patient is receptive to law, that patient will be healed always.  If that person is not healed, then things have not been open; either the patient is not receptive or the practitioner has not realized it in Mind."

So, if in a relationship and you find youself falling out of love, think about your own business and busy thoughts regarding the situation.  Do you find youself thinking you can find something better?  Do you find youself thinking "this will never ever work"?  If so, then you are the thinking mind that is creating the rift between yourself and your partner.  So you cannot blame them.  You cannot blame self (for at present you are ignorant of the power of your thought, which once it becomes spoken, it becomes law).  In becoming law, it manifests into form or strained condition.

There is so much more I could write about this topic, but I am still learning.  I am still working toward "minding my own business (watching my thoughts).  This blog has enough to think about within its message.  Create a good day, push away all negative thought, and create a more positive, blessed life.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Short and Sweet

In maintaining inner center and bringing about your creative edge, it's not as short and sweet as one might think.  Even with that thought, I find maybe I should say "It is short and sweet".  But our objective mind certainly feeds additional thought processes to our subjective mind.  I find it's a little more bothersome than I would have believed.  But now I am becoming even more aware of thought and the little depressive movements show up unexpectedly.

Affirmations help and there are many spiritual people out there who think they have the answer.  Maybe they do, but for me, I am having a little bit of difficulty staying in the center.  I find that when I just go there and believe that Jesus is standing on my head and his feet are on the top of my head that it helps quiet down my thoughts.  Try it, you wouldn't believe how that seems to help.

I have done so many things with yoga, positive thinking, affirmations and the like but darn it...LIFE PULLS OUR ATTENTION and it seems to do it when we lest expect it to.  I don't know what I was thinking to create being thrown out to the street, no job, no money coming in, etc. but that is what happened.  Now I find that God has placed me in a position of power without my realizing it.  I am left alone most of the time and at first I didn't like that much.  I felt that to get even with the SOB who fell in love with someone else I had to begin dating right away.  Boy was I wrong and I find that I like myself enough to be alone right now.  There is a bigger picture taking shape and I don't know what that is  but I will have faith and trust in that one Mind to show me eventually.

I sit quiet and think about nothing.  I can feel every part of my body.  I feel every ache and pain and then I feel a certain quietness that is astounding me.  I'd been in this place before but since my life had DRAWN MY ATTENTION, I now have to revisit it.

Just a little more personal this time in the blog.  Tomorrow I will be writing about CREATIVE THOUGHT and how to keep quiet about it.  It boils down to minding your own business again.  I just love being able to write about this stuff even if no one ever reads it but me. 

Remember, pay attention to your own business, realize life will sometimes gets in your way and pulls you out of center and maybe even someone's recent behaviors have hurt you so much that you felt like giving up, but don't.  We all mention the cliche "There is a purpose to everything", but how many of us actually don't try to control what people do around us, say around us, or how they respond to us.


Love you all,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Power of Your Word

When you think of God mind or universal mind, do not think of this Mind as being a part of you; rather you are in it.  Think of yourself in mind and fully centered.  This becomes your principal.  The reason so many people fail to succeed is that they do not understand the impersonalness of this mind.  It has no negative or positive thought about anything.  It is indifferent which makes it absolute.  Your thoughts sow the seed in this Mind otherwise nothing is made or becomes physical in form.  You cannot be sick, or healthy or wealthy or whole without this Mind.

The person who gets the best results of manifestation are those individuals who realize the impersonality of this Mind and the absoluteness of how it projects.  The reason is the law of cause and affect.  We think into this Mind and believe it is manifest.  The responsibility rests in Mind to do all your creating.

There is the thought that people are lost; that we have fallen somehow.  This becomes a mental suggestion operating on the cosmic plan; operating with great power through the consciousness of all who believe it.  An example would be the thinking process of individuals after Hurricane Andrew.  Many were so afraid of a hurricane hitting that they kept wishing it away, not realizing that pattern of thought was actually going out to the universal Mind.

People who do not understand the metaphysical principle are bound by the law of human ignorance; bound entirely by condition.  The Mind responds to how we think about ourselves and Mind does it unto us--be it negative or positive as it is impersonal.

Your word goes forth with power and often gets tangled up in false words/wording.  It (Mind) must know itself and then you know it.  You must know that your own word is more than anything else otherwise your word amounts to nothing.  You are still dealing with cause and affect and the world needs to understand that law and apply that law.

First you have thought, then you give word to your thought, then Mind takes it (and because it is impersonal), Mind turns around and fulfills your thought.  Remember!  Be mindful of your thoughts.  Keep them to yourself and keep on in silent meditation.  Put no feelings toward your thoughts.  Allow your thoughts to be taken up into the Mind and allow the Mind to create through you.

Trust and belief and faith are very important here.  But due to life's hardships along the way, many people no longer have trust, belief or faith.  Everything must be proven to them.  So whatever you say, Mind creates for you.  Know the power of your word.  Know the unlimited return of the Mind which many call God.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Feelings Affect Your Thoughts

How you feel is just as important as how you think.  If you are feeling depressed, feel like giving up, feel that you haven't found your purpose in life, these emotional ties to our thoughts affect our thoughts.  There is cause and affect.  We all know this to be true.  When someone's actions doesn't meet up to your expectation as to how an individual should behave or live, your own actions begin to relfect this feeling of lack in the other individual.  This happens mainly in relationships.  One cannot help but believe that their partner should think as they do and therefore behave as they do.  This puts out disharmony and then one or the other of the partnership begins to believe they can find what they are looking for by finding someone else.  There is a separation and the partnership is no longer in unity so how could it remain so in the physical world?

During periods of depression, one only feeds that same concept to their inner mind.  It is in this space that one contemplates their past and everything that ever went wrong in that past.  It is in this state of mind that it feeds your thought patterns.  It is here you begin to say to yourself, "I really try hard but never seem to win", "I put a lot of effort into this relationship and the s-o-b left me for someone else", "I can't trust anyone so I have to be in control", "People have hurt me so many times that now I don't care what they think."  These are just some example statements that begin to roll around in the head and mind (the human mind, not the God mind). 

God mind is indifferent.  It does not interfere but it does give birth to anything you think about, be it negative or positive.  Sometimes we create with our thoughts from our subconscious mind.  If one is not aware and does not take time to go into God mind, then that same individual will never see the movement of the subconscious mind.

There is so much more that I could say on this matter but time is short tonight and I don't have much time to put in the blog today.  Future blogs will cover thought and relationships, how do you think about your health, how do you think about your business, etc.  These are future blogs just waiting to be written.

Love and light to all of you.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

What in heavens name does that mean, "Mind Your Own Business"?  Well, it means to be aware of your own thoughts at all times.  It is the only way you will become aware of just how you are thinking.  When one pays attention to their own thought patterns it is only a matter of time that you also become aware of how negative your thinking has been.

As I stated in the first blog, negative thought always cancels and nullifies positive thought.  I don't know why  nor do I need to know.  Universal intelligence will give me the answer when I need it.  Then I will be able to share it with you. 

Now minding your own business is not always an easy task.  There is no one responsible for the negative things you might be experiencing in your own life.  You are your own creator.  You create the people you meet, your job, your education, your viewpoints, etc.  Watch those viewpoints however as those very same viewpoints are nothing but your thought patterns.  So when you believe someone has hurt you, they wind up doing that very same thing.  YOU CREATE WHAT YOU GET OUT OF LIFE, no one does this for you.  For you are only mind.  Nothing can exist around you except those things you create out of your thoughts.  You are that powerful!

Catching your negative thoughts can be easy once you turn yourself over the the one God Mind.  God mind is intelligent.  Is is always moving and always giving you what you want and even those things you don't really want but think about. I will be going more into the one God Mind and explaining it to you.  I will be breaking down subjective, objective and spiritual mind.  Until then, what your thoughts and mind your own business.  Nullify your negative thought patterns.  Push them away from you.  Use affirmations if that helps.  Then watch as miracles begin to come your way and you are shown by demonstrations from the one true intellect, God.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How are you thinking today?

Have you ever wondered or realized that how you think affects how you create?  This is the first blog of many more to come about how we think and how we can change the way we think.  I have read many wonderful books on spirituality and met many people who believe they are spiritual but actually are not.  Unless these individuals come to realize they alone are responsible for what happens in their lives and take active conscious responsibility for what they think, then spirituality eludes them. 

What I mean by this is their creative power.  Many spiritual people work with affirmations and constantly "try to believe they will manifest what they want" without really know how to do it.

People have come to realize the importance of meditation but do not know how to actually sit still.  Guided meditation certainly helps one to calm down and center, however, going into silence is much more gratifying and one is soon receiving messages from the "knowing".  There is no question left behind "knowing".  You just know what you know and realize it.

So let's continue and take stock every day and ask yourself, "Just how am I thinking and what affect is showing up because of my thinking?"