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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How are you thinking today?

Have you ever wondered or realized that how you think affects how you create?  This is the first blog of many more to come about how we think and how we can change the way we think.  I have read many wonderful books on spirituality and met many people who believe they are spiritual but actually are not.  Unless these individuals come to realize they alone are responsible for what happens in their lives and take active conscious responsibility for what they think, then spirituality eludes them. 

What I mean by this is their creative power.  Many spiritual people work with affirmations and constantly "try to believe they will manifest what they want" without really know how to do it.

People have come to realize the importance of meditation but do not know how to actually sit still.  Guided meditation certainly helps one to calm down and center, however, going into silence is much more gratifying and one is soon receiving messages from the "knowing".  There is no question left behind "knowing".  You just know what you know and realize it.

So let's continue and take stock every day and ask yourself, "Just how am I thinking and what affect is showing up because of my thinking?"

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