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Friday, June 24, 2011


The human mind is an incredible liar for it's only attempt is to deceive you and keep you caught up in it's lies.  Your human mind wants you to continue to believe that you are separate from the whole.  Your God mind has no intention to deceive.  God mind is impersonal.  It does not differentiate good from bad.  It creates through you because it is you.  Your are not separate from it but one with it.  But your human mind will tell you that is sacreligious to think that way and give you any number of reasons as to why you can be WITH IT BUT NOT IT.

In reading the Love and Law Book by Ernest Holmes, he helps the reader understand that this creative force that flows through us is just that...creative.  God mind only gives you what you think.  If you are in victimhood, then you are in a habit within your own human mind.  Victimhood makes you think you can't acquire, accomplish, grow or have a love that survives any other.  Through past experience your human mind quickly draws on those memories of pain it has compartmentalized in the little file folders of your brain.  Because it draws on those memories, your human mind lies to you and promises something that you really don't believe will happen.  Because of that deeper subconscious belief, it negates anything positive you might have thought before it.  This is why we become trapped in this feeling of victimhood and then that thought becomes habit.  And we all know how hard it is to break a habit!  But wait...that was a thought too and if you believe a habit is hard to break, then it is.

Then there are those times where your human mind tries to get you to separate from who you really are by deceiving you with its negative memory thoughts.  For example, if you want financial abundance in your life, you might think it a form of blasphemy to ask God for that.  But God is that.  God is in all things.  It is not separate from the animals, other human beings, or even that paper that money is printed on.    It gives you all things you think about and it denies you nothing.  So, if you want financial abundance, since God is one with everything, then God is the very thing you are requesting.  Turn it over and watch the miracles that flow from it.

These are just a few things to think about.  Let me know how you feel.  Send me an email and I will answer your question if you have one.  All my love and light I send out to you.  I send out love in whatever form you choose it to be. For I know what it is and I trust it and only it....God mind.


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