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Monday, June 6, 2011

Short and Sweet

In maintaining inner center and bringing about your creative edge, it's not as short and sweet as one might think.  Even with that thought, I find maybe I should say "It is short and sweet".  But our objective mind certainly feeds additional thought processes to our subjective mind.  I find it's a little more bothersome than I would have believed.  But now I am becoming even more aware of thought and the little depressive movements show up unexpectedly.

Affirmations help and there are many spiritual people out there who think they have the answer.  Maybe they do, but for me, I am having a little bit of difficulty staying in the center.  I find that when I just go there and believe that Jesus is standing on my head and his feet are on the top of my head that it helps quiet down my thoughts.  Try it, you wouldn't believe how that seems to help.

I have done so many things with yoga, positive thinking, affirmations and the like but darn it...LIFE PULLS OUR ATTENTION and it seems to do it when we lest expect it to.  I don't know what I was thinking to create being thrown out to the street, no job, no money coming in, etc. but that is what happened.  Now I find that God has placed me in a position of power without my realizing it.  I am left alone most of the time and at first I didn't like that much.  I felt that to get even with the SOB who fell in love with someone else I had to begin dating right away.  Boy was I wrong and I find that I like myself enough to be alone right now.  There is a bigger picture taking shape and I don't know what that is  but I will have faith and trust in that one Mind to show me eventually.

I sit quiet and think about nothing.  I can feel every part of my body.  I feel every ache and pain and then I feel a certain quietness that is astounding me.  I'd been in this place before but since my life had DRAWN MY ATTENTION, I now have to revisit it.

Just a little more personal this time in the blog.  Tomorrow I will be writing about CREATIVE THOUGHT and how to keep quiet about it.  It boils down to minding your own business again.  I just love being able to write about this stuff even if no one ever reads it but me. 

Remember, pay attention to your own business, realize life will sometimes gets in your way and pulls you out of center and maybe even someone's recent behaviors have hurt you so much that you felt like giving up, but don't.  We all mention the cliche "There is a purpose to everything", but how many of us actually don't try to control what people do around us, say around us, or how they respond to us.


Love you all,


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  1. the other day i was thinking about why we seek to have a companion in life. If everything we do is or at least should be an expression of joy, then why do we desire to have mutually exclusive relationships with other people. Does that not restrict our freedom? is this an expression of joy, or fear?