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Friday, June 3, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

What in heavens name does that mean, "Mind Your Own Business"?  Well, it means to be aware of your own thoughts at all times.  It is the only way you will become aware of just how you are thinking.  When one pays attention to their own thought patterns it is only a matter of time that you also become aware of how negative your thinking has been.

As I stated in the first blog, negative thought always cancels and nullifies positive thought.  I don't know why  nor do I need to know.  Universal intelligence will give me the answer when I need it.  Then I will be able to share it with you. 

Now minding your own business is not always an easy task.  There is no one responsible for the negative things you might be experiencing in your own life.  You are your own creator.  You create the people you meet, your job, your education, your viewpoints, etc.  Watch those viewpoints however as those very same viewpoints are nothing but your thought patterns.  So when you believe someone has hurt you, they wind up doing that very same thing.  YOU CREATE WHAT YOU GET OUT OF LIFE, no one does this for you.  For you are only mind.  Nothing can exist around you except those things you create out of your thoughts.  You are that powerful!

Catching your negative thoughts can be easy once you turn yourself over the the one God Mind.  God mind is intelligent.  Is is always moving and always giving you what you want and even those things you don't really want but think about. I will be going more into the one God Mind and explaining it to you.  I will be breaking down subjective, objective and spiritual mind.  Until then, what your thoughts and mind your own business.  Nullify your negative thought patterns.  Push them away from you.  Use affirmations if that helps.  Then watch as miracles begin to come your way and you are shown by demonstrations from the one true intellect, God.

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