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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Power of Your Word

When you think of God mind or universal mind, do not think of this Mind as being a part of you; rather you are in it.  Think of yourself in mind and fully centered.  This becomes your principal.  The reason so many people fail to succeed is that they do not understand the impersonalness of this mind.  It has no negative or positive thought about anything.  It is indifferent which makes it absolute.  Your thoughts sow the seed in this Mind otherwise nothing is made or becomes physical in form.  You cannot be sick, or healthy or wealthy or whole without this Mind.

The person who gets the best results of manifestation are those individuals who realize the impersonality of this Mind and the absoluteness of how it projects.  The reason is the law of cause and affect.  We think into this Mind and believe it is manifest.  The responsibility rests in Mind to do all your creating.

There is the thought that people are lost; that we have fallen somehow.  This becomes a mental suggestion operating on the cosmic plan; operating with great power through the consciousness of all who believe it.  An example would be the thinking process of individuals after Hurricane Andrew.  Many were so afraid of a hurricane hitting that they kept wishing it away, not realizing that pattern of thought was actually going out to the universal Mind.

People who do not understand the metaphysical principle are bound by the law of human ignorance; bound entirely by condition.  The Mind responds to how we think about ourselves and Mind does it unto us--be it negative or positive as it is impersonal.

Your word goes forth with power and often gets tangled up in false words/wording.  It (Mind) must know itself and then you know it.  You must know that your own word is more than anything else otherwise your word amounts to nothing.  You are still dealing with cause and affect and the world needs to understand that law and apply that law.

First you have thought, then you give word to your thought, then Mind takes it (and because it is impersonal), Mind turns around and fulfills your thought.  Remember!  Be mindful of your thoughts.  Keep them to yourself and keep on in silent meditation.  Put no feelings toward your thoughts.  Allow your thoughts to be taken up into the Mind and allow the Mind to create through you.

Trust and belief and faith are very important here.  But due to life's hardships along the way, many people no longer have trust, belief or faith.  Everything must be proven to them.  So whatever you say, Mind creates for you.  Know the power of your word.  Know the unlimited return of the Mind which many call God.

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