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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Relief from Responsibility

I just love the book, Love and Law by Ernest Holmes.  This blog will contain several quotes from his book in order to assist you in understanding just how you exist through thought.

When thinking you must remember you are not dealing with matter.  You are dealing with thought.  As Holmes states, "I am not dealing with or struggling to overcome a condition.  Everything  that appears in anybody's body is thought.  There is not anything else to appear into form.  I know if the thought is destroyed, the image of thought will leave the body.  Here is this person and Mind and it has operated upon that person as a false belief.  The person accepted it as true and may have been ignorant of it, but somewhere there is a picture in Mind or that itself would not be there.  I am seeking to know the truth right where I am disregarding where they may be and as I succeed and the receive it it will be done, and so I know I am not dealing with matter or a false growth at all; I am simply handing a false concept.  And where am I handling it?  I am handling it within myself and when it is gone from my mind absolutely, remember this, as I know and that patient is receptive to law, that patient will be healed always.  If that person is not healed, then things have not been open; either the patient is not receptive or the practitioner has not realized it in Mind."

So, if in a relationship and you find youself falling out of love, think about your own business and busy thoughts regarding the situation.  Do you find youself thinking you can find something better?  Do you find youself thinking "this will never ever work"?  If so, then you are the thinking mind that is creating the rift between yourself and your partner.  So you cannot blame them.  You cannot blame self (for at present you are ignorant of the power of your thought, which once it becomes spoken, it becomes law).  In becoming law, it manifests into form or strained condition.

There is so much more I could write about this topic, but I am still learning.  I am still working toward "minding my own business (watching my thoughts).  This blog has enough to think about within its message.  Create a good day, push away all negative thought, and create a more positive, blessed life.

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